”In great companies strategy becomes a sacred thing. Strategy means being different. . f you have a really good strategy, your people will be inspired.” Michael Porter

Our strategy at Andrese Klaasi AS is to offer quality products and services to our customers. That does not always mean the lowest price, but it does mean the best solutions, so that our customers feel that they have gained in value.

Our keyword is innovation: each year we strive to introduce a completely new product or form of processing to the market. Thus we enrich the market with new ideas and broaden the possibilities for applications.

In order to do this we need to offer high-quality, prompt and convenient customer service, including resolutions to problems, and maintain visibility on the market and the resulting excellent reputation. Naturally we welcome competition, because in the end it benefits our customers, and forces producers to prioritise customer interests.

What is our competition strategy?

We compete with quality products and quality service. We offer reliability and we deliver on our promises. Naturally there is still room for development, but we are not afraid of challenges.

We invest in youth, because young people are free, more active and have a more innovative mindset. Thus we have an excellent combination, which mixes the knowledge base and stability of the older generation with the innovation and readiness to prove themselves of the younger generation. We sincerely believe that our team will be success. In addition, we do everything to achieve a modern production base, guaranteeing stable product quality and resulting in customer satisfaction.

Since the start our operations have been based on customer and employee satisfaction, and are driven by making a profit. These three fundamental ideas have defined the development of our strategy and vision. Our choices and business practices also reflect our fundamental values.