Our core values

20 years of quality

In our daily activities we are guided by the company’s main values, which are as follows.

1. Customer focus

  • offering quality products and services to our customers
  • we try to exceed expectations by offering added value
  • we value feedback from our customers very highly

2. Honesty

  • we are honest towards others and ourselves
  • we are reliable

3. Valuing our team

  • we respect others and ourselves
  • we promote open communication
  • we support one other
  • we value partnership

4. Professionalism

  • we educate ourselves in order to boost our knowledge and skills
  • we strive for greatness in our field of activity
  • we take responsibility and find solutions
  • we set objectives and do our utmost to achieve them

5. Development

  • we are open to new possibilities
  • we come up with new ideas, develop them and make them happen
  • we are flexible

6. Positive outlook

  • we focus on finding solutions and don’t get stuck making excuses
  • we are always cheerful