Types of glass

We offer glasses and mirrors, matte, patterned and tinted glasses

Andrese Klaasi AS product capacity includes safety and security related products such as laminated, tempered and fire resistant glasses.

In addition, we also offer cut-to-measure glasses and mirrors for both interior and exterior solutions, as well as matted, patterned, and tinted glasses – anything our customers desire!

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is essentially ordinary float glass that is thermally treated by heating the glass in a special tempering furnace and then rapidly cooling it. This procedure makes the glass ~ 5 times stronger in bending than standart glass.

Tempered glass changes the structure of the glass in such a way that if the glass breaks under sufficient pressure, no life-threatening glass fragments are produced. The glass shards are small and the chance of serious cuts is minimal.

Compared to ordinary glass, tempered glass has a higher temperature tolerance. Tempered glass can be used in environments where the temperature does not exceed 275°C.

Tempered glass can be ordered according to the dimensions requested by the customer:

minimum dimensions 150 x 350 mm

N.B. Tempered glass is not stronger at the edges than ordinary glass!

Suitable for windows, doors, partitions, all-glass products, facades, sauna doors, interior doors, furniture, etc.

Fireplace glass

Andrese Klaasi AS offers fireplace manufacturers 4 mm fireplace glass ROBAX®, which is known for its German quality.

ROBAX® has been used for the manufacture of fireplaces and stoves for 30 years.

It is a very heat-resistant and durable glass.

Clear float glass

Andrese Klaasi AS offers clear glass with thicknesses of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. The maximum dimensions are 3210 x 2550 mm.

A non-reflective clear glass has been added to Andres Klaas’ product range: AGC Clearsight 6mm. Glass can be tempered and laminated.

Insulated glass units

We offer double- and triple-glazed IGUs (insulated glazing units) that are compatible with ordinary glass, clear float glass and selective glass as well as tinted, laminated, tempered, patterned and fire-resistant glass.
Our IGUs are available with either aluminium or Chromatech Ultra type plastic spacer bars.
Our double- and triple-glazed IGUs use energy-efficient glass and argon gas.

  • The widths of the spacer bars range from 6mm to 20mm.
  • The minimum size of the glass unit is 180 x 300 mm
  • The maximum size of the glass unit is 3200 x 1600 mm

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a multilayered safety glass that consists of two or more glasses assembled with special film or resin.

Lamination does not affect the transparency of the glass. However, laminated glass is safer compared to regular glass, and penetration by external force is much harder. Upon breaking the film or resin holds the layers of glass together, and broken glass does not scatter.

The glass remains in its frame, the threat of cuts, or falling through the glass is minimised.

Depending on the material used between the layers of glass we can distinguish between two types of glass:

  1. Folio laminated glass is produced by assembling two or more sheets of glass with PVB-film. The thickness of one PVB-film is 0,38 mm. In order to increase the safety level several layers of PVB are used between the glass sheets. At Andrese Klaas AS PVB-laminated glass is cut to measure on a special laminate cutting table.
  2. Resin laminated glass is produced by using a special laminating resin for assembling two or more glass sheets, which is then dried under special UV-lamps. Various types of glass can be laminated (float glass, patterned glass, lacobel etc) as well as mirrors. At Andrese Klaasi factory resin-filled laminated glass is produced on a special lamination line using high quality float glass and laminating resin. Standard thickness of the resin layer for 3-6 mm glasses is 1 mm, and 1,5 mm for 8-12 mm glasses.

Applications: glass walls, guard rails, glass floors, glass ceilings, facades, windows, doors, framed glass products, furniture, etc.

As of 2007 Andrese Klaasi AS resin laminated safety glasses bear the CE marking. We have brought our quality management system in compliance with the requirements outlined in standards EVS-EN ISO 9001:2015, and EVS-EN 14449:2005

Andrese Klaasi resin laminated safety glass, tempered laminated safety glass, and floor glass have all undergone initial type testing by the Finnish notified body VTT. Tested glass types are in conformity with the requirements outlined in standard EVS-EN 14449:2005.

The floor glass has been tested with regard to its mechanical resistance according to standard EVS-EN 356:2000. Other resin laminated safety glasses have been tested for for pendulum body resistance according to standard EVS-EN 12600:2002.

In addition, the factory production control requirements at the Andrese Klaasi factory have been upgraded. CE is an abbreviation, which stands for ‘Communité Européen’, meaning European Community in French. It is a common conformity marking used by producers indicating that the product is in compliance with the standards stipulated in EU directives and is fit for use. CE marking is sometimes called product „passport“, because it allows distribution throughout the EU.

CE marking of construction products is regulated by EU Council Directive on Construction Products (89/106/EEC, 21.12.1988, amended by directive 93/68/EEC, 22.07.1993). In EU the CE marking of laminated glasses is obligatory as of March 1st, 2007.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass Matelux

Patterned glass

Andrese Klaasi AS offers patterned glass Diamante (thickness 4 mm).


Andrese Klaasi AS offers clear mirrors MIROX® MNGE 3 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mmand grey and bronze mirrors MIROX® MNGE 4 mm, all cut to measure.
In addition, we also offer 4 mm tinted glass.

MIROX® MNGE is a copper- and lead-free, environmentally friendly, and corrosion resistant mirror, which is suitable only for internal use.

Mirox® MNGE is humidity resistant and durable in well-ventilated humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is not recommended to use this type of mirror in permanently humid environments such as swimming pools and saunas.

Andrese Klaasi AS offers following installation instruments:

  • strip + tape 128 x 128 mm
  • mirror strip

Painted glass Lacobel

Lacobel is background coloured glass, i.e. float glass is coated with a high quality paint.

The used paints are environmentally friendly and humidity resistant. Lacobel is suitable only for internal use: wall cladding, wardrobe doors, and furniture.

Andrese Klaasi AS offers 4mm Lacobel.

NB! Lacobel cannot be tempered!

Please contact our sales department for information about available tones!

Tinted glass

The product range of Andrese Klaasi AS includes glasses in the following shades and thicknesses:

  • bronze 4;6;8 mm
  • gray 4;6;8 mm
  • green 4 mm
  • blue 8 mm

Tinted glass can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Fire resistant glass

Fire resistant glass is used in places where there are requirements for fire resistance levels (E30 – EI120). Andrese Klaasi AS offers Pyrobel fire resistant glass produced by AGC Flat Glass.

AGC glasses are in conformity with BS 476 thermal radiance, durability, and BS 6206 safety standards.

Pyrobelite and Pyrobel are laminated glasses that ensure fire safety in accordance with the designated fire resistance level.

Pyrobelite and Pyrobel ensure a non-distorted view. This glass is not wired.

Suitable for most fireproof doors and windows, eg. hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centres, office spaces, server rooms etc.

Pyrobel glasses are suitable for use everywhere where there are requirements for fire resistance levels.